NumberField Control

Does anyone have a working link to Paul Lefebvre’s NumberField control? This link doesn’t work:

Thank you

I fixed the download link on that page.

Thank you Paul.

Considering the kind of language XOJO is, I’m very surprised there is not an included control such as this already. I would imagine controls such as financial fields are created often by developers and the basis for validation is pretty much the same across currencies. It’s too easy to get validation code wrong. I myself have spent way too much time on it.

Paul’s control is nice and it does account for:

  1. Allowing only one decimal separator.
  2. Allowing a set number of digits after the decimal.

But what about things like:

  1. Handling a new separator being inserted into an existing value.
  2. Allowing a separator whether or not a range is selected.
  3. Pasting separators whether or not a range is selected.

Among others.

Masks are too limiting. The only way to get a polished look is to code it.

Just my 2 cents.