number in docked icon

I have xojo placed in my dock (on a Mac, of course). There it indicates a number (currently: 200, but I have seen 17, 30, and so on). I can’t figure out what this number is telling me?
200 bugs found in the last project?
200 new features coming soon?

Anyone has an idea?

It’s the number of unread messages in the Messages pane. The rightmost icon on Xojo’s bottom bar.

I don’t see that. Are you sure you don’t have some utility that modifies the Dock icon somehow?

Only happens by default with Web apps. I think things also appear in there also if you use System.DebugLog.

It’s from Web projects.

Beaten by Mr Iwaniec.

A followup: System.DebugLog appears in the messages pane but doesn’t increment the unread count. So I guess the dock count only shows whatever process messages you get from debugging a WebApp.

Oh, neat.