(Null) in menu items

When testing my app on a second non-admin account I found some odd menu entries in the app menu:

Hide (null)
Quit (null)

instead of Hide appname.

My own menu items are okay. It looks like the app can’t access it’s own app name here.

Does anyone have an idea where this comes from and how to prevent this? Or is this a bug? Xojo 2013, Mac OS 10.9., Cocoa.

Got it: was a permissions problem. Everything worked for an admin account but not for a normal user.

What were the permission issues that prevented the menu from displaying correctly? I have not seen this behavior.

After changing the plist of the app the permissions were rw- — --- (octal 6 says Batchmod). There were other symptoms like the app couldn’t display it’s own version number.

OIC - it was permissions you had explicitly set in pList, not a setup on the user’s machine.

Nope. Hadn’t set the permissions of the plist itself, but had done the usual:

  • added retina
  • set min os

and some others. I had been warned that this might reset the plist permissions, but had never checked.