I am doing some searches to see what others have done. Before I start studying the MBS Speech, I thought I’d pose this question to see if this plug in is the best idea fast prototyping of the idea. I much prefer to use the plugin if it fits the concept.

I want to push a button to put XOJO app in Listen Mode. I have a lapel mic that is sent to the Mac built in mic input or other ADC. The list of commands to listen for will grow on a regular basis, so I need a way to add commands and then add the code to parse the received text and use it to do some work. Here are examples

Go To Track Number 1
Go to Track Number 145
Track Left
Track Right
Select Send A
Select Send B

Any suggestions welcome.

you mean NSSpeechRecognizerMBS class?

you can try it, give it list of commands. Maybe it works, maybe not.

Ok I will try it.

I posted a project that does this a while back (implements NSSpeechRecognizer through declares). You should be able to find it if you search the forum, it should still be on Dropbox. If you are already using MBS you should probably stick with the plugins though.