NSPopUpButtonControlMBS: Add Submenu Hoot?

How can I add a submenu to a NSPopUpButtonControlMBS?

dim p as NSPopUpButtonMBS = me.View
dim a as new MyCocoaMenuItemMBS

p.addItemWithTitle “Hello”
p.addItemWithTitle “World”

a = new MyCocoaMenuItemMBS

Well, continue with the code:

Dim p As NSPopUpButtonMBS = Me.NSPopUpButtonMBS
Dim a As New NSMenuItemMBS

p.addItemWithTitle "Hello"
p.addItemWithTitle "World"

a = New MyCocoaMenuItemMBS

Dim s As New MyCocoaMenuItemMBS
s.CreateMenuItem "I have a submenu"

Dim se As New MyCocoaMenuItemMBS
se.CreateMenuItem "I am in the submenu"
se.Enabled = True

Dim sm As New NSMenuMBS

s.submenu = sm

so you make a new menu entry and put in submenu property with a new menu.

This doesn’t work:

Dim p As NSPopUpButtonMBS = Me.NSPopUpButtonMBS

Only this works:

Dim p As NSPopUpButtonMBS = Me.View

But I can’t see the submenu.

The original code is from “Examples/MacFrameworks/Cocoa Controls/Cocoa Controls”

Yes, you need to use .View instead of .NSPopUpButtonMBS.

Seems to work fine for me.

I have tested this example on my new MacBook Pro with M1 CPU and I can’t see a submenu item. If I run this example on my old MacBook Prom with Intel Core i7 CPU, I can seen the submenu entry.

The submenu example is working fine on this M1 running Big Sur.

Here is an example project: https://tim.gdn/TIN0Z

This example project is licensed for anything except training AI.

Older plugins maybe?
Or what could be the difference between them?

The submenu item is only available or visible with Release 2023.R1.1
In 2023R2 the submenu is not visible.

If I use the EnabledSubmenuItem, the menu is visible an enabled in “2023R2” , but the “Action” event is not used, if I select a submenu item.

I have added this event to EnabledSubmenuItem:

Sub Action() Handles Action
System.DebugLog “Submenu was Selected”

dim p as NSPopUpButtonMBS = Window1.NSPopUpButtonControlMBS1.View

dim m as NSMenuItemMBS = p.selectedItem

if m<>nil then
Window1.log CurrentMethodName+“: “+m.title
Window1.log CurrentMethodName+”: no selection”
end if

End Sub