NSMatrix vs RadioButton

I’m currently porting an old Xcode project to Xojo and recreating its UI. In Xcode, for a group of RadioButtons, you drag in the NSMatrix control which immediately gives you two radio buttons. Xcode’s inspector then allows you to change the number of buttons (or “rows”), the distance between them etc and various other options, by simply changing values in the inspector.

In Xojo, I have to drag in each radio button individually, resize them after entering the text, change the height of each item manually (Xcode makes the cells 18 pixels high, Xojo makes them 20) and then calculate their vertical positions by adding heights to tops and adding, say, 2. As a RAD environment,

Xojo should be faster at this than Xcode, not slower. Before I make a Feedback case (I hate cluttering up Feedback, the engineers have enough to do), is anyone aware of a relevant case - I can’t find one.

There was a thread recently about adding custom configured controls to the Library - this seems like it would be a good example of one.


Just add one radio button from the library to the window where you want it,
then press Control+D as often as you need.
Position the last one added on the lowest place in the window where you want it.
After that select all radio buttons and click on the gray button bar the last button on the right (“Space Vertically”),
then click the 6 th button from the right (“Align Left”).

Then all is right positioned.
If you want them to be 18 pixels high go (while they are all selected) to the inspector and change the hight from 20 to 18 and they are all changed in height and still are nicely positioned.

Andre (Andr?), you make fair points, there are workarounds but it’s still a bit of a pain. Also, when changing the length of the text, Xcode automatically resizes the control to fit the text, a manual operation in Xojo.