NSImageName ... for tag icon?

On a OSX toolbar I create buttons and - where available - I use system images. The plus sign for instance like this:

dim p As NSImageMBS p = NSImageMBS.imageNamed(NSImageMBS.NSImageNameAddTemplate) // Use system image +

For instance in Finder we can see this icon for tags:

Does anyone know the NSImageName… for this tag icon? Is it available through MBS?

It’s not in the official documentation or header files, but I have found some icons buried in a private framework, I recall it was called something like Finder Extras…

If you find it, I would recommend that you copy it out and into your project.

I got bit in Yosemite when Apple removed some system icons that were not documented!

That’s probably copyright infringement or something similar.

Most likely, but Apple wants us developers to be consistent with their apps, yet hide their icons that we could really use! Even Icons that they use across multiple apps.

I don’t see a constant for that image in NSImage header.

There is one in blue inside Finder