NSFileManagerMBS.contentsEqual for folders: compares files too?


I’m discovering and enjoying reading methods of the NSFileManager[MBS] class.
The documentation for ContentsEqual about files is rather clear, but, about folders, this raises a question to me.
Here’s the note:
“If path1 and path2 are directories, the contents are the list of files and subdirectories each contains—contents of subdirectories are also compared.”

If both folders have the very same set of files by names, but one pair of files in a deep subfolder have a different content (e.g. the user changed one character in one of the files), would the function consider the folders are the same?

If not, how to be sure both folders are really “equal”?
Traversing all subfolders and comparing pairs of files? This would avoid the benefit of comparing two folders in a single call in the first place.

As far as I read, for directories the file list is just compared.
So it will not read potential thousands of files to compare them.

see original documentation

Thank you!