NSButton Playground

A few weeks ago, there was a discussion here about the bezelstyles MacOS X supports compared to the built-in classes.
I found it difficult to create ones without a visual feedback, so I set up a small Playground to explore them. For that, and because of the amount of warnings MacOSLib (which is a great tool to have!) gave me I started to set up a strictly Cocoa MacOSLib subset, adding comments and trying to add missing pieces as far as my abilities allow me to.

Many, many things are missing now of course, but in case you like to play with the NSButtonClass (AttributedString and NSImage need to be implemented yet), like to contribute or inform me of bad code, here‘s the download:

The link doesn’t work.

Thanks! How‘s that?


lot of errors

Ha, this is fascinating! Please don‘t try to download – I redraw it and and check what happened. For me, as you can see, it works :smiley:

Link doesn’t work :frowning:

Yes, see above – I deleted the download because of the errors. I‘m afraid this will take some time.

that’s strange
I’ve downloaded and worked well

[quote=124759:@Ulrich Bogun]Thanks! How‘s that?


link still does not work

No, sorry for all the troubles. Please don‘t try to download anymore; I‘m about to see why this doesn‘t work for all and will republish it once I got this handled. Sorry again!