NSAnimationMBS crashes

I’m testing to see if I can use NSAnimationMBS in my app, but time to times it crashes the app. I can also crash the NSAnimation test example by clicking the Move Right/Left -buttons multiple times. Help?

Make a simple project and send it with a crash log to Christian or post a link here.

Yes, please email me details so I can look for the bug.

I’m using the Cocoa/NSAnimation test.rbp that comes with the plugins.

Found an fixed.

Thanks for reporting. The sample project does no longer crash here with a little change in the class.
The cleanup was not done correctly when you destroyed it while work is in progress.

Nice! Will you include the fix in 13.5?

of course. In next version of 3.5pr. Or you email me to get a copy in the next minutes.

3.5pr11 is in the shared dropbox folder.

Christian, one more thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see any difference between using NSAnimationEaseInOut or NSAnimationLinear. Is it working?

Well, those are constants from Apple.
And it looks like both constants have same effect.