Notre Dame

so sad about the fire at notre dame

I just read about it :frowning:

the spire fall down about 2 hours ago.

holy ***** that is horrible. its a shame such a historic place is having such a bad event.

The last I heard, they were not sure if they could contain the fire, but I have no idea if that means, “we don’t know if we can keep Notre Dame from burning to the ground,” or “we don’t know if we can keep the fire from other structures.”

Horrible, horrible.

I asked my wife to marry me in the grounds of Notre Dame 12 years ago. This is heartbreaking.

Report now is that main structure is “saved and preserved”.

It sounds like they saved most (if not all) of the artwork, and the Bell Tower

That fire was frightening. Almost all TV channels broke in news, and one could see the gigantic flames from different perspectives.

Firemen could do very little. The roof is 100 meters high, and even with the ladders, they are still to far to doze the flames.

What is also frightening is now there are many politicians talking about rebuilding.

It took over 2 centuries to erect the cathedral. I wonder how long and how much euros it will take, to make it new again…

Keep in mind that this is not the first time Notre Dame burned, and it won’t be the last. It was rebuild before, it will be rebuild again. Old buildings are tougher than people give them credit for, and as long as no lives are lost …

The frame had not burned before. The one that burned dated from the 13th century. Indeed it can be rebuilt, but since this is an historical monument, everything has to be done as during the 13th century. It is not even sure present carpenters have the necessary know how.

Other Cathedral were destructed (some by bombs during wwII) and reconstructed.

The other question now is: What will be done to reduce this risk for all other Cathedrals (French and all around the world)…

I was watching the progress overnight here. Politicians should stop trying to be “first” when it comes to things like this. Instead of helping and calming the public after such a disaster, they simply turn the event into a PR stunt that is more about them.

I thought that Macron’s team did a very respectful job in what he said and and how he responded (at least what we saw here). Others, not so much.

It is very regretfully what happened with the Notre Dame. However, more than 1000 people died in Moambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. In my book, even one human life is more worth than all the nice buildings all over the planet.

When I see how much miljonairs are giving to rebuild the Notre Dame, I ask myself, why are they not giving the same amounts to get rid of poverty and missery out of this world?

Lets first get the poverty out of this world and then rebuild the Notre Dame. But that is my opinion, Yours can be different.

No offense to anyone, but lets not turn this into a political fire-storm. There are all kinds of unforturnate situations in all parts of the world, and everyone has there own opinions on what causes should or should not have priority and should get various types of help. The best thing to do is support what YOU consider the issue YOU care most about, and allow others to do the same.

[quote=432804:@Michel Bujardet]It is not even sure present carpenters have the necessary know how.[/quote]I have a relative who is a master cabinetmaker and he worked on the restoration of Ely Cathedral. His next job was making shuttering for pouring the concrete into for the expansion of Stansted airport and that paid better!!

Let me tell you, the Notre Dame thing is getting completely out of hand in good ol’ Paris.

All TV channels do is to comment ad nauseam about Notre Dame. Seems nothing happened anywhere else.

Ad nauseam, yes.

That is what they do every day, day afer day. The only change is the subject (sometimes), even after the (current) horse is dead and in its gravestone. And they seems to believe people love to watch that ! Idiots…

A real shame.

just don’t watch them !

Interesting sidenote - because the Ubisoft team performed a very detailed 3D scan of Notre Dame for Assassin’s Creed, they have one of the most detailed records of the structure that they have ever had for such a situation.