Notifications, Badges and banners

I have some non-essential v1 functionality I want to implement in my current project.
If I can’t do this now, life will go on, however…

I’d like to be able to “badge” my app with a number of unread messages, like many iOS apps do. I’m using iOS kit to badge a tab within the app, but I can’t figure out how to extend that to the app icon itself. I’m assuming this is part of the notification system on iOS.

Along with that, I’d be great to be able to push notifications when the app isn’t active. I’ve read all the threads about the app not running in the background, but being asleep etc. I’ve read that Jason King seems to have answered part of this need. I just have no idea how to take a step further.

Does anyone have an example or clear steps that must be taken?

Hi Chris,

For the “badge”, you can find the answer in this blog post from Xojo:



If you use iOSKit, you can use the SetNumberOnIcon function to do this as well.

You can also do this on macOS, using a DockItem, see: