NotificationMBS Send notification as a link to a file or application

Does anybody know how I can make a notification to the notification center that has a link to a file or an application? The application itunes, mail, Adobe creative cloud and other applications send notification that has a link to a file, email or direct to the application. Can we do this with NotificationMBS, MacOSLib or any declare?

In the NSUserNotificationCenterDelegateMBS Class, in the Sub didActivateNotification you can get the Type of reaction the user made.

An example:

[code]dim a as integer = notification.activationType

Select case a
case notification.NSUserNotificationActivationTypeNone
case notification.NSUserNotificationActivationTypeContentsClicked
case notification.NSUserNotificationActivationTypeActionButtonClicked
end Select[/code]

In the case notification.NSUserNotificationActivationTypeActionButtonClicked for example, you could open an URL, File, …


Okay, I will try this later when I’m back in my Mac Environment. Currently I must work with WIN Clients.
Thank you.