Not enough ports for the new MBP?

Lets see how the criticasters will respond.


There will come a day that if you look at your Mac sideways, you won’t be able to see it.

This is called progress.

progress is not the word I would use.

There is a difference on smaller / lighter and too small / too lighter. I think it is time to get away from this paradigm.

Of course, this is IMHO.

but would you carry a thicker MacBook Pro if it meant freeing yourself from dongles?

No, i wouldn’t. I like my MB to be as slim and lightweight as possible… :wink:

[quote=307560:@Christoph De Vocht]

What’s the point of making the new MBP as thick and probably heavy(er) as the older one ?

Dongles are not quite convenient, but certainly less bulky and heavy than their contraption.

Those dongles have another problem: in the times of the USB key I always managed to loose the things. Every couple of months I had to buy another one. Large ones, small ones: didn’t matter. So something that is bulky can’t be lost as easily as a small dongle.

[quote=307563:@Emile Schwarz]progress is not the word I would use.
I was joking. The point I was trying to make was that if they get any thinner, they will become invisible. My current Macbook is about 18mm thick (I actually got out my digital calipers to measure it). I can’t think of any reason why it needs to be any thinner than it is now, except for bragging rights.

But, then, I would have kept my white MacBook, instead of buying the 2015 one. Their contraption is not here yet. Maybe all that is needed is a one inch wide maximum bar on one side that hosts all the missing connectors. THAT would be a lot more sensible than a monster dock.

If you take a look at the Macrumors forum, you will notice many are complaining the MBP is too thin. :slight_smile:

If the MacBook was not so thin, it would be not so hot (hot as temperati-ure rising, not ‘will be sold out’).

In the past i had many other (Windows) Books which were much more bulky and produced much more temp than a MB. I also think it’s far from beeing “too hot”. :slight_smile:

Lenovo just shipped a new laptop that is 2mm thicker than last years; but gives you an extra 3 hours of battery life. If Apple offered a MBP with a couple extra mm and and 3 more hours of battery life, I’d be more interested.

[quote=307568:@Sascha S]“but would you carry a thicker MacBook Pro if it meant freeing yourself from dongles?
No, i wouldn’t. I like my MB to be as slim and lightweight as possible… ;)[/quote]

I would! As Sam mentioned, as Pro I am too in favor of better endurance and at least one USB-A port, SDcard and Ethernet. Well and the magnetic power plug once saved my mac. I am unhappy to leave this behind in the new MBP. In Leaving this out the MBP stopped being a Pro Device.

Then again, why did they bought it ? Let them stay with the previous version, then :wink:

I have bought the 2015 Mac Book precisely because I don’t want to have shoulder pain.

Now, the MBP is a different usage. I understand a good deal of users employ it at home with a larger screen. But then battery life has no bearing. Guess you cannot satisfy everybody, even when you’re almighty Apple…

Run EyeTV, edit a movie while watchig tv and you will soon hear the fan(s).
Also, an intensive download session will produce the same.

Room temperatur is never above 21° C.

But I am happy your portable was never hot (temperature).

For the last 10 years, I get a brand new MacBook because the previous one crashed.

Other clue: (s)he may need another one.

Else: you are right Michel.

Another stone in someone backyard:

Not enough ports ? Buy an exernal expander / dock !

It may be good for me if only it will not add $200 / $300 to the already spiced price.
(I do not used the word salt as irony on the very high price).

Remember: expansive (for a price) depends on your revenues; some scrooges will always says prices are expensive, but this is an exception to the rule :wink:

I did not say so :wink:

Approx. 1 Year ago i played for a few Weeks ELITE Dangerous on my MBPR (Late 2013). I could clearly hear the Fan(s) working on max. But this would also happen on every other Notebook when the CPU/GPU are hard working.
Today (rarely), i experience the same while Building a large 64 Bit App…
I do my main work with the MB in a Dock connected to a larger Screen. There i have all the Ports i may ever need. On the go, i rarely need more then my MB.

But that is just my workflow. I am happy with the MB as it is. I would never say that everybody will be happy with Apple’s MB. :slight_smile:

It looks like its had too much Holiday Spirit over the festive season and put on a few pounds :wink:

2005 is calling someone wants their laptop back :smiley:

Here is some more info (with video).

It is attached with the screws at the bottom and connected via one TB3. They claim it has the same height as the MBP2012.
It brings extra USB Type-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, an SD Card Slot, and up to 4TB of storage.

Not my cup of cake … but it can be helpful for some I guess.