Not changing properties on web controls

Hi, After spending a few heavy days to get the cgi app running on IIS (server 2008) i run in to a problem I don’t get. In the debug mode of corse all is good. On the server the page display correct and show correct. However … the click on a listbox as well on a popup don’t return the real properties. Using a simple code

if lb_option.ListIndex > -1 then
end if

on a listbox double click will always return list index -1 as it was as shown of the page. The actual list index never change. I can’t figure if that is an IIS issue again or a simple application setting. All other properties can be read correctly an updated. Just the properties of control not. There is one container on the page, but the controls in the container have the same effect.

No matter if i check list index or any other like me.text it always return the initial settings. Really hope some of you has an idea what that could cause it.