not all Menuitems are equal

I am looking at the WindowMenu Example under Desktop:Menus
There is the MainMenuBar with Menuitems who have menuitems.
So far, so good.

There is also a WindowMenuItem (as MenuItem) outside the MainMenuBar.
How do you construct this? There seems to be no method to do so

Follow the code
Look in App.CreateNewWindow which adds an item to the window menu

Hi Norm
that is not the problem.

Have a look

You see that WindowMenuItem is a MenuItem, but top of the hierarchy
The only way I seem to be able to create a MenuItem is under MainMenu Bar on the second level.

My question is how do I get a MenuItem to the first level?

WindowMenuitem is a subclass of menuitem
move it where ever you want in the project
its NOT part of the menu bar at all

The code i mentioned creates instances of this menu item subclass & attaches them to the menu bar in App.CreateNewWindow

To add a top-level menu, click the “Add Menu” button on the Menu Editor command bar (the left-most one after the UI toggles).