Not able to view Placed Controls on Window

As per IDE - Windows Property section, Window’s MaximumHeight is 32000. But I am not able to Place controls after the window Height 1966.
If i double click the controls or drag the controls they are appearing inside the Height 1966 only.
If i tried to move those controls beyond that height or if i set controls height greater than 1966 then i am not able to view those controls.

Could you Please Help me at the earliest.

There may be a limit on this, but more importantly, why would you need to position controls that far off the window?

What value is “height” ?
If all yo want is controls not visible then they just have to be off the edges not way past the maximum height

Hi Paul,
I planned to make a Report Generating application and that report has so many sections and tables / lists. that application allows the User to enter some data under each section and based on entered data list gets updated with multiple rows of data.

Once we launch the application we should displaying only heading section(one below the other). If he clicks on any particular section that should gets expand.

Assume 15 sections are there and each section will take minimum height of 150( it has some fields and list box). So the controls total height become 2250. If i want to ad the last section i should add control at the position 2100. But I am not able to Place controls after the window Height 1966.
Since maxHeight given as 32000. may i know why so much of height is given under IDE? If it is given means, application should work for any height below the max one right?
Anyway i changed my logic and started implementation. But at that time, this was the Blocker issue for me.

Hi Norman,
Controls will available within the max height only. But it should visible to end user in the IDE right? If it is not visible then how to add other controls inside that section or controls and how to complete that section design?