Not able to give feedback on case

Dear Xojo,

There was feedback requested by Robin in case 42119, but I am not able to give feedback. When trying to sent the feedback I get:

Feedback has detected an error in #1. Please tell us what you were doing when this error
occurred so we can fixinng this issue.

Well, I was trying to sent you that I have 6 Listbox controls on my window and that I already gave that feedback before the question was asked.

Unfortunately I can not sent the feedback, because only the above described error will occurr when I send the feedback and sending the feedback on the error of the feedback causes an error again…

Lets get some details here the to see if we can add them to the case AND about your set up so we can resolve the feedback issue

  1. for the bug #42119 we need steps to reproduce it, and also a description of your system (os & version, memory, what plugins are in use) The more information we have the better

  2. for feedback the system information above should help track down the error
    Depending on what OS this is on there may be a report file that can be recovered & send via email

Hi Norman, I think I know what happened that I could not give feedback or that the feedback module failed. I did copy/paste a previous comment of me in a new feedback, than I did get the error. After I sent a feedback with only typed in text it went well.

In the meantime my problem was sent to Xojo, inclusive my answer on the question of Robin. I did get the advise to continue my project with Xojo 2015 3.1, which I am going to do. This to see if the problem still excists under a previoous Xojo version.

In the meantime I did observe something strange. At work I did un-install Xojo 2014, because it was obsolete, according me. However, after the un-install the link to Xojo for my project was broken. I could not start my project with Xojo 2015 anymore. It did complain that the drive was suddenly not shared anymore. Looking at the extentions of the project file, I noticed that it was linking to Virtual Machine binaries. It had the extention of a virtual Machine binary (I used that too in the passed, currently not). After I did re-install Xojo 2014, which I removed before, all was repaired and I could start my project with Xojo…2014 by clicking on my project.
Only after I did un-install and re-installed Xojo 2015 v.4 the links to Xojo 2015 were restored and I could work with Xojo 2015 again.
Is this a known feature or bug? Is that the reason why Xojo leaves all previous versions on my PC?

It leaves all old versions on your HD because you may not have a license for the latest version

ahhh, ok, well, hopefully that will be history soon :slight_smile: