are there Xojo users in Norway?

I’ll come to Bergen and would be nice to have a Xojo developer meeting there :slight_smile:

So anyone on the Norway east coast?


Only know 2 users from Norway: @Kato Gangstad & @Helge Tjelta

Well, I have 17 there using my plugins. But still it would be nice to know if some live outside of Oslo.

I live in lesund. North west Norway


Greetings from Bergen in Norway :slight_smile:

Welcome to norway!
Bergen is called the “rain city” hope you had a sunny day!
Bergen and lesund are the two most beautiful cities in the country.

lesund have the German architecture called jugend.
It’s fog here today hope you have clear day when you go to Geiranger. I don’t know if the guides tell you this but. The town’s in the fjords around Geiranger is wanting for a big flood wave. A large pice of the mountain is moving 1 cm a year and will fall down in the fjord. This rock is called “aakernesrenna”. Until that happens no new houses are build in the affected areas.

Greetings from Trondheim.
Are there Xojo developers here?

Now arrived in lesund.
Will get breakfast and than leave the ship.

If you are there, please text/email me.

Greetings from first xojo meeting in Norway!

How is the AIDAluna? Perhaps nice enough for a XDC? :wink:

Please ask Dana :slight_smile:

I certainly welcome if she plans something.

I used to help plan conferences for a different firm.
Looked at Europe & its kind of cost prohibitive unless you have really massive attendance.
Flights alone are, esp if you have to fly a lot of people overseas, a big deal.
I know for me to fly to Frankfurt its more than twice as much than it is for me to fly to Austin or even Orlando. From here to Vegas was about 1/3 what I’d pay to fly to Frankfurt. Even the Best seat sale to Frankfurt is, for me, way more expensive than a full fare seat to any of those destinations.

So I can imagine for Xojo Inc there’d be 10 or so flights like that + hotel costs (which are considerably more).

Attendance would have to be probably double or triple that of Orlando or Vegas to make it viable.
That would mean some 300+ people which then pushes you into a different category of venue and more $.

I still think it would be fun as heck BUT it also has to make financial sense to do it.

Will do.

Cruising the Caribbean out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale would be much more affordable and perhaps no more per day than what most attendees spent in Orlando and/or Las Vegas. The food would be much better than what was served by the hotels along with a greater variety and entertainment is included. Some of that entertainment is almost Broadway quality.

Yes, I’m a bit fan of cruising and have been doing it for over thirty-five years. The cruise lines provide tremendous value while taking you to a variety of places to visit. Seeing conference attendees on cruises is common. It would be nice to attend a XDC on a cruise ship someday, preferably one in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Their cruises are arguably the most bang for the buck on the most innovative ships at sea and have the finest entertainment.

I’m in Stavanger

I’ll come back to Norway in July. Bergen for example, but not Stavanger this year.