Norman's posts

Pfft. Santa doesn’t believe in Norman.

Wonder is Norm still believes in Santa? :stuck_out_tongue:

He doesn’t care as we all believe in Norman.

Norman he needs to be calm with a little wine to keep helping in the forum

I can’t believe no one has said “Norman service has resumed” …

I called him Normal on a feedback ticket :slight_smile: Silly brain<>computer interface

Why do I have this image in my head now of Norm riding a Canadian Moose around on Christmas Eve, in one hand holding his stien of egg-nog and yelling out “and aggresive compilation to all!”


Norman’s car has the bumper sticker “I break for no Exceptions”


Does Norm still have the bumper sticker “Honk if you are 0, brake if you are 1”


“Binary On Board”

Where might someone get one of these? :stuck_out_tongue: