Norman's posts

It looks like a lot of Norman’s posts disappeared. There are quite a few threads that without those now are incomplete.

Do you think the information could be restored?

Edit: As Dave said, it looks like everything he posted on the last 4 weeks is gone.

It does seem that anything Norman posted in the last month has vanished…

according to Forum activity his last post was on Nov 14… and I know for a fact he has posted quite a bit since

he writes a lot on the forums. I bet there was some form of backend issue and has undone a lot of his posts. this is PURE GUESS on my part.

Norman helps a lot on the forum. I hope it’s a technical problem and not a personal problem.

They have been pruning their posts and messaging on the forums as of late so I am not surprised.

Would be nice if someone from Xojo could comment.
@Greg O’Lone @Dana Brown @Geoff Perlman to name a few.

For example it used to be that when they deleted a post you would see a visual indication of it as well as who did it. Often Dana would chime in and say they removed it because of XYZ forum rule.

Lately I have noticed they have simply removed the posts from the database or deleted them in a way that does not leave any evidence it ever existed.

Not conspiracy thinking or an elaborate plot device. Just an observation on how they engage/manage the forums has changed.

Dad (in this king of situations) usuallly said “it smell bad”. (with German accent) :frowning:


Norman entries here at Recent Changes are still present with an entry dated as of today.

Normaly “pruning” takes place from OLDER to newer… not the other way around

[quote=364309:@Emile Schwarz]
Norman entries here at Recent Changes are still present with an entry dated as of today.[/quote]
That is the WIKI, not this forum

Maybe his post counter wasn’t 64-bit :wink:

Doh !

My thought too - his post count clocked over 32,767.

He was only at 19325.

It seems that Norman’s posts reappeared.

Oh the suspense! What happened? Will it happen again?

Its so quiet, now I know what my dog feels like when I leave the house :frowning: Sorry doggo!

I hope Norman is ok.

#FreeNorman (too soon?) :slight_smile:

never too soon to free Norm!
We all love Norm.

A mistake resulted in some of Norman’s posts being deleted- those posts have since been restored.

But he didn’t write any post since :confused: .

It made me wonder if someone offended him… more than once he has come close to stopping to post…

BTW when I looked at his profile last night, it was essentially blank… even the link to his own website (Great White) is gone…

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