Noob question


I am looking to migrate from visual studio and have a couple of questions I hope can be answered.

  1. Can Xojo (Win/OSX created applications) read files from iOs devices via USB?
  2. Does Xojo support reading and writing Office documents and PDF’s?

IF not, are 3rd party plugins available?


I’ve not seen or heard of anyone doing this with Xojo. It doesn’t show up as Volume to the OS so it won’t appear as a regular disk. However, Monkeybread Software has some handy USB libraries that might be able to access the iOS devices. Before going too far I’d do some proof of concept coding to see if you can access them.

Xojo on Windows can read/write office documents via the MS Office plugin. You can always do OLE commands. Monkeybread Software has an Excel plugin that can read/write Excel spreadsheet and they also have one for PDF’s called DynaPDF.

FWIW, there are alternatives to the Office documents. You can create StyledText and export to RTF using native Xojo code and you can easily create a tab delimited text file that can be opened by Excel.

Yes, you can! Here is a snippet from the Xojo webpage,

Hopefully that helps!

[quote=168352:@Meade Lewis]Yes, you can! Here is a snippet from the Xojo webpage,

“Most USB devices have a chip in them that makes them appear as a serial device. Typically this chip is an FTDI chip. If the device has this chip, you can communicate with the device via our SerialPort class. If that does not work for you, the Monkeybread plug-in has USB support for a handful of specific types of devices”.[/quote]

Unfortunately, the connection on iDevices is NOT a regular USB interface. What you read is only valid for devices that offer a standard USB. Usually, Android devices are such. But not all. Samsung is known for not letting some of his phones allow access to the content without their Keis software equivalent to iTunes.

Thanks for the correction!