Non Release Version Increment


What happens :
When I set ‘Auto increment Version’ ON and I launch a build from the IDE the ‘Non Release Version’ increments by 1.
But if I run a script that builds my project then the ‘Non Release Version’ is incremented by 2.

Is this normal ?


doesn’t your script build twice the app in two different platform ?
that could explain.

Thanks for the reply, but when I create a very simple script only containing :
Call BuildApp(3)
It increments with 2 too.


PS. I am using XOJO 2018 r1.1

Hi Etienne,

I use scripts for building my projects and I don’t see a doubling with 17r3 or 18r3/4. Could you try a different IDE version to see if it’s limited to 18r1.1?

Thanks Tim.
Indeed, in version 2015r2.4 it does not double the increment (I still use this version for XP compatibility)…
In my 2018r1.1 version the increment is doubled.
The latest version that I can use with my license was 2018r3 but with that version I had other problems that were more significant than the double increment.
My solution is to set OFF the Auto increment and I do the increment in my script. That works fine for me.