Non-Professional Xojo users wanted

Hi everyone,

Xojo always prided itself on being for “the rest of us” too, those that just can’t stand the C syntax, that haven’t studied IT but have a need for a specialized app that simply doesn’t exist on the market.

In the past Xdev magazine has had interviews with professional developers. I found them interesting but not really comparable or relevant to my own situation. It was a bit like interviewing “captains of industry”. I would like to know more about the Xojo users that aren’t professional developers, those that use Xojo in their work or home or hobby, what they do with it, what they think about it.

So I’m looking for Xojo users - the silent majority, those that aren’t necessarily professional developers and make a living with Xojo but those who use Xojo for a myriad of small projects. I want to show what is being done with Xojo, and I want to write a column for Xdev about it.

It could be done as an interview (via Skype or iChat) that I write up (you can check it and have the final say about it), or you could write it yourself if you prefer. So if you are interested then please get in contact with and let me know if you’d like to be interviewed or if I should send you the questions.

Hope to hear from you soon (and if you don’t hear back within a few days then my mail setup isn’t working)


P.S. I’ll send everyone an example write-up so they can see for themselves how I imagine it to be.


I think your mail setup is not working :wink:

Thanks - is working :wink:

I just wanted the users just getting up to see the thread as well :wink:

Will reply to the emails tomorrow (it’s 8 min to midnight and my wife is calling me to watch the fireworks and video chat with family)

Happy New Year!

Very cool. Looking forward to the interview.

That’s really nice Markus!

Good response so far. Hope this turns into contributions!