No XDC, hello London

Although there was no XDC in London this year, my wife and I decided to go to London anyway. We met 43 years ago when making a round trip through Scotland, Wales, Lake District and South England. The round trip ended in London. In February we were married 40 years and going to London was for us an opportunity to celebrate this. Although is was pretty cold, we had 3 wonderful days. Tomorrow we are going home with a very satisfied feeling. :grinning::+1:


Oh nice. I had been looking forward to the London conference, which I could actually have commuted to. Although in fact staying in the hotel would have been nicer, and my wife could have come up too - in part to visit my sister-in-law who has the same name (well, when two brothers marry two girls with the same first name, what d’ye expect, eh?).

Hi people,
What is the date when you saw this message? Exactly, 1 APRIL, Aprils fools day.

No, this has nothing to do with the 1st of April.

Sorry but I find this a weird conclusion, Chris!

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Hi Paul,

Sorry, it is my mistake. For some reason, I did not see the blog post of 8 December about the cancellation of XDC 2022. Therefore I was assumed that it was still on.

I also did not find any announcement in the past days of any cancellation and the date of both posts was 1 April, I just thought it was a first April joke.

I apologize for my mistake and please, forgive me.


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Paul, 43 years together, 40 years married. Wonderful milestones in life…Congratulations!

Kind regards, Andrew


Congratulations, my wife and I hit 20 years married at the end of this month. Looking forward to 40 :slight_smile:


35 for us this year! Congrats on 40+!


35 for me/wife too, and we both work from home now so we must get along!