No Time for ActiveRecord

@Bob Keeney, I’ve been playing around with ActiveRecord, and it’s really nicely done. I think this will help a lot.

It looks like it doesn’t recognize a field of type Time (field type 9) so it breaks into the debugger while mapping. Is this an oversight or is there another way to deal with it?

I have a simple example project ready if it will help.

Ain’t nobody got time for that! :slight_smile:

Probably an oversight because I don’t think we’ve ever had a project that needed purely time. As a temporary workaround I’d use a DateTime or Timestamp field and just ignore the Date portion.

I’ll have Seth take a look at it and see if there’s an easy fix.

I can “fix” it and send it back if you’d like.

Sure. That saves an iteration or two. :slight_smile:


I’m making the changes now. While I’m at it, shouldn’t Load take an Int64 instead of Integer?

I 'spose so. We’ve never run into an issue with it but we might as well bulletproof it as much as we can.

OK, I’ll make that change too.

BTW, I just mapped Time to String since there is no good native class for it. Ideally there would be a Time class, of course.

Well, changing the ID was harder than I thought. :slight_smile: Everywhere that referenced the ID has been changed to Int64. Please check and post as needed.

@Bob Keeney, were the changes ok?

Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet. Been a crazy week with a hard drive, a Drobo, and our offsite source code hosting service going down.

Dang. That plus Code Space is not making for a BKeeney beach week.

I just thought you looked at the code and were so astonished, you couldn’t look away from your screen long enough to comment. Frankly, that still sounds more plausible…

Astonished in a good way? Or…

Well, of course, what other w… HEY, wait a minute!

Kem, Seth added all of your changes into ActiveRecord yesterday. He didn’t have any problems with the changes.

I will issue a new version of ActiveRecord and for ARGen in the next week or so.

Cool, thanks.