No return value in CellClick?

The language reference says that to stop processing a CellClick “Return True”, but in the CellClick event there is not return value. Is the LR just wrong?

maybe you confuse web Listbox and desktop listbox?


ListBox.CellClick ( Row as Integer, Column as Integer, X as Integer, Y as Integer ) As Boolean

Wouldn’t that be a return true from mouse down, in order to prevent cell click to fire ?
I’m not in front of my Mac right now , somI can’t test …

Just tested in Xojo and everything works as expected.
Return true stops the processing of CellClick.

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There is no return value only for web listbox

Which platform ?

Just tested on OSX, Cocoa:

MouseDown, Return True: CellClick does not fire, MouseUp fires
MouseDown, Return False: CellClick does fire, MouseUp does NOT fire

CellClick, Return True: Code in CellClick executes and listbox selection WILL NOT CHANGE to clicked row
CellClick, Return False: Code in CellClick executes and listbox selection WILL CHANGE to clicked row

So far as expected, on OSX.

Here a testproject for download (cellclick_test.xojo_binary_project)