No problems with the IDE on High Sierra?

Hi all,

Xojo and its IDE work perfectly on High Sierra? (I’m still on Sierra)

Thank you


I think the IDE works fine, but there are reported issues of compiled applications having issues (do a search for High Sierra)

Thank you Shao. I did it, but I did not find much about the IDE. I mainly compile for the web (web app on Windows server), and a little for Windows and Console. So on the Mac, I only use the IDE to develop and compile web and Windows apps.

yeah, I don’t think there were any posts about the IDE, just about compiled applications (which is weird because the IDE is a compiled Xojo application :wink: )

High Sierra is getting better, but there’s still a lot of issues. I found one the other day, when watching a movie in full screen, I have to keep moving the mouse cursor as once the controls hide, the screen goes black.

I personally would suggest waiting until 10.13.3 or later, also check your other applications and make sure that they’re compatible.

Ok, thanks all, the problem is I’ll have a new Mac next week, so I guess with High Sierra. That there are some bugs in general with the system, it doesn’t bother me too much. On the other hand, of course, I don’t want to have any problems with Xojo’s IDE, nor with web applications compiled by Xojo. I will be waiting for further advice on IDE and web applications. Otherwise, I will continue to use my old Mac for Xojo.

QuickTime player. 10.13.1 Introduced issues with QuickLook, they got fixed in 10.13.2, but now QuickTime Player has issues.

Dude, install your stuff on your new Mac and see how it goes. Just make sure that you backup incase you need to move back to your old Mac. If you’re upgrading your old Mac to High Sierra, I’d recommend not bothering just yet, but as you’ve got a new toy, go play with it, just make sure you have a safety net if it all goes Pete Tong.

@Sam Rowlands : the computers know that you hate them. And they hate you back. Trust me: they know this.

No problems with High Sierra and the IDE. I just wish that someone at Apple still had knowledge about how to do AppleScript.

Not entirely true… All the time they work and allow me to get on do my work, I’m happy. When they’re buggy, crashy, jerky and the quality of the product I once purchased has gone to the dogs, I get very pissed off.