No more auto complete in Comments…

I notices that autocomplete disappeared when I add comments to my projects. (Xojo 2021r2.1)

This was a useful feature…

What’s your feeling on that ?

Comments shouldnt try to autocomplete or highlight keywords. IMO

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You can start with a comment and not be autocomplete or you can do it as code with autocomplete and end the line using the shortcut to make it a comment. Just do what you prefer, like this:
autocomplete.2022-07-01 07_01_45

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Real comment:
// A TABLE must be selected in LB_Tables

Then I copy the ListBox Reference and paste it in the next line of code. I do that all the time in non API2 Xojo…

Another habit to forget and follow Alberto’s advice…

It tooks me years to forget a REALbasic shortcut (15 years of use do not vanish in a second…) and learn its Xojo replacement…

FWIW, autocomplete used to work in comments* at some point, and I find it very useful.

* I can only recall this for class names though, not instances

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So, I was not dreaming.

Another thing I recall yesterday: Keyboard-Click somewhere make a copy of the Text in the Code Editor.
Sorry, I forget how to do it, so I cannot give a better explanation !