No iOS Simulators available to XOJO

Hello, I’ve installed XOJO 2022 r2 on an M1 Mac mini, macOS 12.5.1, and Xcode 13.4.1. No simulators are showing up for iOS projects in XOJO. Xcode and compile and run projects in the Simulators, on this machine, without issue.

My real device appears, but when I try to run it (Yes, provisioning profiles are correct—this is a well-worn test device that can run iOS projects from Xcode on the same machine. I’ve rebooted a few times.) I get a XOJO error that seems related to simulators:

Have you installed the Xcode command line tools and also have you at least opened Xcode once after installing/updating it?

Thanks Steve, Yes, the Command Line tools are installed and I’m already running my other app projects from Xcode.

This issue seems to have resolved itself…I had a couple versions of Xcode on the machine. Reduced it to one and now the simulator’s are back. :man_shrugging:t2:

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