No event fires on DropObject under Linux?

Hi Folks,

I’m working on examples aimed at kids for Linux and I’ve run into an oddity fir ListBoxes and TextFields - the DropObject action doesn’t seem to fire. I’ve set things up and the code works as expected under OS X, but copying the same ode to the Linux system just ignores the drop. Happens (or doesn’t as the case may be :slight_smile: ) under 2013r4.1 and 2016r3.

Okay - just found the ListBoxDragAndDrop example and it works, so I’ll dig a bit deeper…

Far more can be done. I only found this example in my cloud.

Nota: tested on OS X only.

I recall a more advanced example who display the selected file contents (when possible…). I do not have it handly.

Further research - In the Xojo example I mention above, there’s no “AcceptFileDrop” assigned to the app at all. Unfortunately, I need to restrict drop types, so I do use them as part of the demo code. Is it possible that the issue is related to the fact that a Linux app doesn’t get its File Types assigned in debug builds and the type lookup fails?


probably related to the underlying issue

If I add “AcceptFileDrop(”")" to the Window’s Open event, I do get the DropObject event call on the Window. However, that same entry in the ListBox’s Open event does not see the DropObject Event to fire in the ListBox.

For me “AcceptFileDrop(”")" in works (Ubuntu 16.04), I do restrict filetypes in DropObject

something like this

If obj.FolderItemAvailable Then if right(obj.FolderItem.Name, 4) = ".mp4" _ or right(obj.FolderItem.Name, 4) = ".mp3" then Me.AddRow(obj.FolderItem.Name) Me.RowTag(Me.LastIndex) = obj.FolderItem End If End If

Thanks, Axel, but I’m not even getting the DropObject event to fire…

[quote=287691:@Norman Palardy]feedback://showreport?report_id=43602
probably related to the underlying issue[/quote]
Possibly. Since the Open File dialog doesn’t show any files when the type is “Special/Any”, this may be tied to the filetypes set.

I’ll test by removing the Filetypes file and see if that sorts the drop.

But … why does the window level get the drop if I set AcceptFileDrop?

Okay - so NO filetypes or an empty filetypes class solves this, but the entire part of this lesson was how to interact with the filetypes :S …

Okay - revisiting this and I have discovered what is occurring - the drop target (a listbox) was embedded within a GroupBox. While this layout works on OS X and Windows, it is somehow masking a number of events in a listbox on Linux.

Because I needed to group the controls in this example, I swapped out the GroupBox for a Canvas and simply added a background image that mimics the GroupBox’s outline.

I’ll test this under newer Xojo versions to see if we need to add this to the current bug reports.