No event declaration in EyeControl

I’m new to xojo, (and C++, though I’ve been programming in C for many years) and tried to run the EyeControl demo. I’m able to compile the shared object (, but when I run the demo, I get the error message: “EyeControl1 in Window1 implements the event “EyesClosed”, but its superclass EyeControl does not declare such an event. Sub EyesClosed()”. As far as I can tell, the event IS declared in ‘REALControl EyeDefinition’, but this struct declaration is incomplete (it ends after &EyeBehaviour, and the REALcontrol definition in REALplugin.h has more fields, including interfaces, attributes, and eventInstances. Is there something missing from this code?

You’re right: The whole superclass EyeControl is missing. In it the events would have to be defined; the events you found are event handlers of the subclass EyeControl1, not definitions.
I checked a bit further: The Soundplayer example doesn’t find chimes.wav – so there seem to be some faulty examples.

Do you know why I’m getting an error message:
“Unable to save project correctly to this location. This may happen if the location is read only.”

All of the xojo tree is writable by everybody. So why do I get this error? Is it because I need a build license key?

Not having a build license will only prevent you from saving in the XML or plain text formats, but you are still able to save in the binary format. So that shouldn’t be the issue.