No .DrawObject in iOS? And iOSCanvas has no iOSGraphics?

Dabbling in iOS in API2
I find I can happily create an Object2D, but that there is no
and so no apparent way to display them… ?

MobileCanvas passes a ‘graphics’ into the paint event, but one that doesnt expose .drawobject

I see that there is an iOSGraphics object, but the help for iOSGraphics says

You can get an iOSGraphics instance from either an iOSCanvas or an iOSBitmap.

However a canvas added to a new iOS Project doesn’t have an iOSGraphics property.

There seems to be some contradiction, and some functionality missing?

With 2020r2, iOSGraphics is now deprecated in favor of Graphics. I’ve updated the doc page.

Object2D is not yet supported for iOS. How are you creating one in iOS?

How are you creating one in iOS?

Usual way

Dim r As New rectshape
r.X = 100
r.y = 100

the autocomplete all works.
Finding I couldnt use it in graphics, I commented it out of my code.

But uncommented, I now find (as you implied) that it generates a compile error.

Weird. I don’t see RectShape autocompleting in an iOS project.

Could this be an einhugur plugin?

I dont have any plugins installed as yet.
Xojo 2020 R2 on a Mac.

Start a new ios project
Add ‘opening’ to the app object

Type this:

Dim r As New rectshape

and press tab

It offers you border color, opacity, and width
height, width, x, y, scale, rotation etc
All as I would have expected, right up until you try to compile or debug

That’s odd. I’ve not seen this…

RectShape doesn’t autocomplete:

but if you type it in, then you can see:

Edit: this is what @Jeff_Tullin is saying. Created this visual answer to make it clear.

Thats what I said.

RectShape does not autocomplete, which is what I expect. I did not expect “r.” to autocomplete stuff for RectShape. It should not be doing that.

If you could, please create a Feedback case for this issue.

I don’t have feedback installed, and don’t actually consider it much of an issue.
Certainly not one that I need or want Xojo to lose any sleep over.
(I won’t.)