No dot nor space in file extension

I was trying to delete a file from the Finder’s frontmost window using AppleScript yesterday, and to be sure that my script was running utill my main change, I added a name extension to that file, after the critical line (after changing its name).

Then, I recall a discussion with Kem in this forum and I added a dot in an extension I set to the file and get an error message: “No dot is allowed in a name extension”. Then I added a space, run and get the same error message.


Nota: I went to execute the “simple delete invisible file” process, but that does not fit my needs.
Creating a Xojo project to simply delete (move to trash) a file from the frontmost folder is a miss of time / hard disk space (in my always near to full hard discks).

PS: I know, users always do crazy things, everytime !