No CueText on Non-Retina screen?

Has anybody seen something like this and maybe also found a cure to it :

I have cuetexts not showing up on Non-Retina screens.

I have dynamically added TextFields on a 64-bit macOS app, retina enabled with AppWrapper. I’m setting a Mask and CueText at run-time.

The CueText shows up on my Retina Macbook Pro, but not on a iMac with Non-Retina screen. Both have macOS High Sierra, 10.13.3 installed.

This is how it looks (correctly) on the retina display:

Nope, cue text looks good here on my MacBook Air in 64bit.

There are two things I can think of here to try.

  1. Can you use a version of Xojo with full HIDPI support?
  2. Can you test with controls placed at design time (not dynamically created).

While personally I can’t understand how either of these two could cause an inconsistency between screen resolutions, but that’s all I can think of right now.

@Sam Rowlands : I created a testapp with static TextFields (not dynamically created) and there the CueText is visible on both, Retina and Non-Retina screens. In this testapp I switched Hi-DPI to ON and with AppWrapper I used the retina enabled option as well.

On the app where the TextField and CueText are created at runtime, there Hi-DPI is switched to OFF, because I handle retina myself (I created this app before a Hi-DPI option was available in Xojo). However, I build with Xojo 2017r3, the latest official release.

I still have to test, whether switching Hi-DPI to ON makes a difference.

Thanks for the hint!