NilObjectException in Windows 7 upon launch

Hi All,

I have created an app using Xojo 2015 r2.4. I was able to successfully build the app for Windows from OSX. However, once I copied the files to the Windows laptop, I get the “NilObjectException” error message as soon as I try to launch the program. Do I need to place the .dll files in a specific location or how do I make this work?


Did you copy the ENTIER context of the build folder from OS X t oWindows ?
That should be all you need but you DO need everything - dll’s etc

Hi Norman,

I copied the entire folder contents, including the .dll files, images and sqlite database.

Any other thoughts?

Putting a bunch of system.debuglog calls in your code to track down where its happening
Remote debugging from OS X to Windows so you can see whats causing the the exception

Ok. I will see what I can do about the debug logs.

On Windows you’ll need a tool called debugview to see the output from system.debuglog

Thanks Norman.