Nice new fancy forum

I’m not sure what you mean. You still control where your picture is stored, but you’re choosing not to store it with Gravatar. That’s your decision, but your comment doesn’t make a lot of sense. What’s the difference between storing your picture on Xojo’s CDN vs Gravatar’s CDN?


The difference is that the picture I select to be shown in this forum it is not linked to the email I used here for other sites to show. If I go to Gravatar and put my picture, then the email I’m using here and used elsewhere will have a link to the picture I selected.

I have a Wordpress site that uses Gravatar for comments, only a few comments show the Gravatar (the users do not have a Gravatar). For the very few that a Gravatar is shown, I received 2 requests to remove the Gravatar because they didn’t know that putting their email will show their faces/pictures.

Yes, I can create a new email, use that for the Gravatar I want to use in this forum and contact Xojo support to update my email address to the one I want to use for Gravatar.

I’m more confident Xojo won’t spread my picture than Gravatar. I may be wrong, I know; sharing something on the Internet is always a risk.
I trust “small” companies more than those who share data between websites/companies. Gravatar already does that visibly; I can’t imagine what they are doing more under the hood.

What do you mean spread it? Have you looked into how Gravatar works?

This argument doesn’t hold water for me. Those users decided to add a picture for their email address. It shouldn’t be surprising for them when their picture is then associated with their email address. Gravatar is “Global Recognized Avatars” and the entire point is to create one picture that can be used by any site that wants to use it, and for user’s it’s entirely opt-in.


I understand and I agree with you. Just pointing out that some users don’t know what they are doing and how their information is shared.

Some people buy with PayPal and send the receipt as proof to get the service with the address removed, they don’t know that PayPal is sending a receipt with their address to the merchant.

I haven’t even had the opportunity to say goodbye to the old forum.


Heh, you know I get that PayPal behavior a lot too. I don’t normally sell with PayPal because they treat their merchants like dirt, but when I do, the customer almost always forwards me their receipt like I don’t have evidence myself.

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about Gravatar,
if you change your Gravatar picture there you not really know where it also changed because u used the mail adresse anywhere. i have 6 mail accounts. and i guess more than hundreds online accounts over the years.
not all accounts with my mail address use Gravatar.
i prefer it also upload where the account exists, because i not want the same photo everywhere.
it seems before it changed again we need to hit the refresh button.
why only “System assigned profile picture” is allowed and no user pic upload i don’t know…
i used Gravatar because i not want displayed as letter M.

Fantastic, glad you switched to Discourse !!! That what a forum for FileMaker uses, it’s Yabadabadoo!!!

Feels like far less information density to me. Even with text size set to “smallest” I think I’m not seeing nearly as many topics per screen page as previously.

Also, why aren’t emojis enabled??

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Emojis should work. :grinning:


Yeah @Dana_Brown, why no emojis?! :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :wink:


What I miss is the page-back arrow. I know my browser has one but feel more in control if the website itself takes control

Why is my name @Marcel_Zimmer2? :skull:
Some master data - problems?

re: Why is my name

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Thanks. But the topic is closed. :frowning:

Message @Dana_Brown for help with your username. The instructions were lost in the replies.


Try typing ? to see a popup of keyboard shortcuts. Then notice that just typing “u” (as in up) goes back. So instead of clicking the back arrow like the old forums, simply type u. Lots of other useful keyboard shortcuts too. Try ? for list.

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back space should work too but seems that is a shortcut from my browser.
i just looked at the keyboard shortcuts after pressed “?”