NGINX Config Tool???

Are there any GUI NGINX config tools? I have just put up a test version of NGINX to proxy from port 80 to an Internet firewall restricted internal port number of a stand alone Web App and to do some very simple load balancing. It is functional but I have yet to test it in production. And I still need to get HTTPS working.

It also seems to handle virtual hosts OK (multiple domain names on a single IP) and proxy them to the proper Xojo stand alone app on unique port numbers.

I have previously been using Abyss and CGI but one very screen intense app just cannot handle more than a few users but a stand alone app seems to handle 10x the load of the CGI version.

My test instance seems to work OK and the config file is not too nasty … but … since I am not actively changing the config very frequently it would be nice to have a GUI tool to avoid having to review the docs and experiment when I need a change. Being an “old guy” my memory is needed for lots of other stuff and I don’t want to waste any brain cells if not necessary. ;-))