Next XDC suggestions

[quote=81538:@scott boss]
Norman Palardy: Geek Cruises ! They've since renamed them "insight cruises" - but that'd be fun :P

I would do a geek cruise for XDC.[/quote]

And you thought the wifi was bad at the hotel!

If you have satellite uplinks with good bandwidth and response times, you can make us happy.

I think 2 years ago Fred Roller told me we should go on a cruise ship for the conferences :slight_smile:

And I would directly take the biggest package and be happy.

Excellent suggestion! A cruise from New York to Amsterdam maybe? This way, we all have only one flight, no mather if you’re from Europe or the States :slight_smile:

One flight?!? Methinks you have underestimated the size of the United States. People from California, for example, will not be driving to New York.

lol, it may have been a slight exaggeration on my part trying to push it to the boottrip. Let’s try ‘one intercontinental flight’ each :slight_smile:

We should leave from Vancouver or seattle then :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not in Paris or London ? why always in states ?

I would suggest making a spring conference in USA and a fall conference in Europe.
I’d expect that flying staff to Europe would increase cost only for the flights by about $1000 per engineer. And getting 10 of them to Europe may cost $10000 more than doing it in USA. So if ticket costs $100 more and you have 100 attendees, the ticket prices should pay it easily. Of course this requires to find a hotel with comparable cost like Las Vegas or Orlando.

I’ve priced it out and it’s significantly more than your estimate. :frowning: We would love to do something like that and will revisit the idea at some point.

It’s settled then :slight_smile:
Stockholm or Gothenburg for XDC 2015 and I might just show up :wink:

Caribbean cruises out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, compared to cruises from other port cities. Royal Caribbean provides the best overall experience and value. We can probably get a very good deal on one of their Voyager Class ships and it would provide an excellent venue for XDC. Just a thought. :wink:

Cost - really
I’m told Pairs & London are quite expensive to host a conference the size of XDC

Well, then Montreal is among the better cost-based choices one can make. Not as warm as Las Vegas, but not as cold as Red Deer.

Montreal would be fun
It’s been a long time since I was there
Right around JFL in the summer would be awesome (and probably more expensive)

I could hire a bunch of travel trailers & host it at my house
XDC Camp Out !
That’d make me popular with my wife :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=81851:@Norman Palardy]I could hire a bunch of travel trailers & host it at my house
XDC Camp Out ![/quote]

I’ll be there!

[quote=81843:@Norman Palardy]Cost - really
I’m told Pairs & London are quite expensive to host a conference the size of XDC[/quote]

London, Berlin or Paris, you can always find some great deals if you know the tricks locally. Maybe Stéphane Pinel or Christian Schmitz will give you tips.

For example, in Paris, there are several schools of engineering and computer science who love to host such events. it gives them publicity.

Christian made ??the trip yet each time he knows the prices.

But perhaps the best compromise would be to:

  • Find the cheapest city for air travel. I think it’s New York, thanks to its geographical location and air costs which seem correct.

  • Providing simultaneous translation (headphones) in two or three main languages ??in addition to English.