Nex Feature in Monterey 12.1

By pure hazard, I discovered a new feature (even if I read abour it somewhere):

on the Finder, select an image with text
press the space bar (to activate QuickLook)
Select the text,
you have now the text as text in the Clipboard !

it was a comic book in my case, and I wanted to move the QuickLook window to the right using a click-drag when I noticed it select the text in the cover…

Enjoy !

Yeah this is in iOS and iPadOS too. Clever stuff.

I’ve been using Live Text for quite a while - it’s great. It’s also very handy for adding alt text for images of text.

There’s a screenshot app call Shottr that lets you marquee text on your screen and it copies the text inside the marquee to your clipboard. The text does not have to be from an image - I’ve used it to copy code from videos, something Live Text can’t do.

Live Text ?

I love the name !