Newsstand, created with RB 5.5 for OS 9

Amazing. This guy just released a new RSS reader app for OS 9, and created it with RealBasic 5.5 :slight_smile:

Even this website is old-school with no use of CSS.


We regularly get email about older versions of plugins to be used for older Realbasic, Real Studio or Xojo versions to build something for an older computer.

That is the version I used longer until Xojo 2015r1. I updated my license to 2005 (new IDE), but started to use it just before the first 2006 release.

REALbasic 5.5 thru REALbasic 5.5.5

Beautiful website… Much, much better than today’s “modern”, unclear sites with stupid animations and links which cannot be identified.


Can’t agree more.

Those “modern” website wear out the scroll button of my mouse. Endless vertical scrolling just to see some information. A pity that even Xojo’s website is like that now.

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That was a GREAT release IMO …

It was the last one before the first IDE rewrite and the IDE was snappy (the version rewrite was initially pretty buggy!) … (I still miss the Tips Window which had all the overloads!)

As I recall, most framework bugs of the time had been squashed and it was in general a pleasure to use!


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That’s why you use an RSS newsreader app to view them, or Reader mode in Safari.

It was a great release. (My first REALbasic was 4.0, I created several successful applications in it.)

A RSS reader won’t solve that. I’m talking about the general website lay-out; not the articles of a blog. Articles are mostly ok.

If I go to the main page of a website I think all the important information should be visible without having to scroll. In most “modern” website I have to scroll many times before f.e. I get to the contact info …

The creator did an interview in which he explains his motivation. Nice read.

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I downloaded XCode recently… I do not know how many times I wasted before reachng how to download it ! (did they hide the download lnk ?)

Agreed. I webmaster a site as a volunteer and I’m constantly pushing back at them wanting to add “one more thing” to the home page. It’s just slightly over a window’s length now, but that’s mainly because of a link to the App Store for one of my apps. :smiley:

I do think Reader View or the reader built into a good RSS app can reduce a lot of the scrolling by eliminating so many elements of the page.

That takes me back quite while. I loved OS 9, and RB 5.5 as well.

I still have a laptop from that era. The battery is dead, but it still works just fine.

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I think it’d actually be a kind of fun challenge to make a Mac OS 9 app. Anyone else?

This app is very impressive, and I’m sorry the author got the feeling we were suspicious of them. I’m always happy to help and can keep a secret :slight_smile:

I don’t think he took it as something negative.

@Dana_Brown @Geoff_Perlman
Now I think about it, maybe it’s a good idea for Xojo to also interview him.