newbie making the tutorial db

I am working through the tutorial database in the Intro to Database programming PDF.

  1. Is is possible to make a Mac and a PC desktop interface and have both apps access the db file.

Are you asking whether two different instances of the app, one Mac, the other Windows, can access the database simultaneously? That is certainly possible with a database server, but less likely (but not impossible as you will find elsewhere on this forum) with SQLite

Of course, if the question is whether two different versions of your app can use each its own instance of the SQLite database, the answer is also yes.

Sure. In that case, you will probably want to have a central database on a server. The folderitem which you pass to the attachDatabse method can carry a URL instead of a local path …
SQLiteDatabase has a multiuser property but you should be aware that write permission is only available for one user at a time.

thanks guys

here is a link to my project. I get errors saying “Populate” is not created. I copied code right from the tutorial. its a very simple database.

link to project

“Populate” hasn’t been entered yet. Add the “Populate” method from the tutorial.

Folderitem problem and more,
(better use a subfolder in SpecialFolder.ApplicationData)

your Project File with some modifications