Newbie - Copying file to server way

Hi ppl,
I’m trying to understand what a Xojo made website will require to work.
For instance:

Using a relational DB, will I be able to produce all files (php, js) and host/run them on a Classic server :
That is with a Regular plan on a host offering Databases + PHP features ?

Or do I have to instal some sort o Xojo proprietary server component ?

I’d prefer to use an external database for a while such as SQL, MySQL or PostgreSql.
Any light to clear my doubts…
Great Thanks

Xojo web apps require an actual executable app to run on the server. This web app can be “stand-alone” with its own built-in web server or it can be a “CGI” that communicates to an Apache web server using a Perl script.

You do not need any proprietary server components, but you do you need to be able to install the app itself and possibly configure Apache.

For best results you will want to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

More information here: