New Years Resolutions...

I hate new years resolutions, but this year I thought, why not give it a go?

So this year, I’ll commit to communicate better, and also try something new.

@Steve Kelepouris — So you will have a mistress and tell your wife?

Get a 8K monitor ?

Oh… I didn’t consider that.

What I was trying to say is that I “commit to communications” like TCPSocket vs standard serial communications/usb issues. My main thing will be to try something new, like threads or databases. I may well also look into “focal lengths” of lenses as well.

My sense of humour can be very dry.

In written communication the “Tone” can be easily lost.

@Steve Kelepouris — He he I wasn’t quite sure and, amusingly, I was about to tell you that “the tone can be easily lost”.

I too have a quite dry sense of humour, but I realised that I needed to add an emoticon so people do not misinterpret what I was saying

What where/are you saying?

Ah yes, SVGA. That was always a very good resolution.

My resolution is to work more and eat less. Higher mpg you know :wink:

I jokingly set about 3 New Years resolutions, and hope (Literally hope) that I can get one of them finished throughout the year. Here are the three set for 2019:

  1. Write a plugin/declare for Xojo DirectX 9 - I have a long-standing project that requires DirectX 9 or higher.
  2. Put together an online store to sell all of my Raspberry Pi with Xojo electronic gadgets. My friends keep telling me that they want versions of my electronics with 3D printed stuff, and this is the only way that I think I can make it work :slight_smile:
  3. Write a Xojo book or two that can be sold on Amazon

Like I said, if I can get one of these finished in 2019, then I would say that the year has been productive! :slight_smile:

There is so many good things to do, and so little time!

I forgot to include:

Finish the Xojo Application that I’ve been working on for almost 3 yrs!!!

Considering that my first resolution was “commit to communicate better”, it’s typical that I forgot to include this main aspiration in my new years resolution. It seems I’ve already failed at the first hurdle :slight_smile:

Also, my other resolution was to “try something new”. Which could be finally finishing a project that I started! Maybe I could achieve both at once.

I guess I’ll just have to keep plodding on . . .