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Hi Xojo Team
i’m so interested about Xojo desktop for mac its great and amazing …
i have questions and i hope found answer :

1- if i purchase Xojo do i need to bay $299 every year to build project or its only for update
2- about add-ons : i interest for MBS Updater Kit can i purchase it without purchase MBS Xojo Complete Plugins Set or i need both of them
3- question For MBS Team & Xojo Team … there is any work example for scanning documents i test 2 examples from MBS (Twain & ImageCapture classes) but i can’t found my scanner (canon imageformula dr-c130 ) and i don’t know maybe not working because Xojo in run mode not build mode (maybe not sure)

note : using Xojo for mac (High Sierra) need Xojo to build desktop app for [mac & windows]

Thanks for Xojo team and MBS team and everyone here : …
MXLink - ALi

  1. you pay only for Xojo if you need the latest version.
  2. Our Updater Kit needs the other plugins, so please order both.
  3. TWAIN is old and 32-bit only. ImageCapuire for Mac and WIA for Windows work for 64-bit, too. You still need driver to be installed. If it works in Image Capture app on Mac, it should also work with plugin.

thank you Christian Schmitz for help and i will order both of MBS updater kit and MBS Xojo Complete Plugins
i will search driver to my scanner for mac … i just confused when i test vuescan app for mac its found my scanner and i dont have have driver installed …

A scanner app may have them built in.
But our plugin needs driver.