New window in new thread

I’m trying to create a new window inside a new thread but am getting the ThreadAccessingUIException.

The reason I’m doing this is because I would like a window with an HTMLViewer on it to run in a different thread. Is this possible?

You can’t create UI (windows dialogs etc) in threads - hence the exception

Is there anyway to accomplish the windows being independent from each other?
The issue I’m running into is if one HTMLViewer in a window is playing a video or something intensive, the others become sluggish.

This doesn’t happen in a web browser.

open another instance of the window

they are always independent of each other that way
however if you check safari etc in activity monitor its probably running each tab in a thread - something that you can’t exactly duplicate in xojo

I’ve never tried it but what happens if you LoadPage/LoadURL in another thread ? Do you get the same exception ?

You could have two separate windows showing two different HTMLViewers by launching the app a second time, or another helper app. Then the problem becomes communicating between apps.