New website with links to Xojo related websites

Good evening,
I started a new website to try to have a central place that links to websites related to Xojo and Xojo development.
The idea came from always digging through my bookmarks to try and find the website where I might have found an answer to a question posted on the forum.
Lots of times I am able to answer a question by linking to a website that has an answer, tutorial or code that can help someone with their question.
That prompted the thought that I might as well create a web portal from the sites I have in my bookmarks and thereby make my bookmarks public.
Hopefully this will help people find some of the answers they are looking for. So far I have 33 websites in 7 categories. The process of putting all my bookmarks online is still ongoing.

The website can be found at
Have fun exploring what is there so far.
If you have a site that isn’t linked yet, and want it linked, please send me a private message on this forum, and I’ll try to get the link up as soon as possible.

PS. I placed the website on a hosting platform where I have a lifetime account, so I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to keep it online. The only recurring cost is the domain name and that is cheap. This should mean that the website is there to stay unless the hosting provider goes under.

Edit (Paul): Fixed link.

Your link is currently going to Good luck with the site!

Trying again The website can be found at
Sorry about that. Didn’t see that the link doesn’t automatically fill in the correct address if you already typed it, select it and click link.
It made so much sense to me that it would work that way that I didn’t really check what the link actually did.
Apparently it doesn’t use what you typed as the base for the link but just example. com
Maybe I’ll put in a feature request that link uses what you typed when you select it and click link, but not now. It’s 00:40am here :slight_smile:

I think if you just leave the url intact and don’t use the “link” icon, it will automatically convert it to a link for you. Like this:

That appears to have worked. So the way the “link” icon is supposed to work is you type in the text you want as the link text, highlight it, click the link icon and paste in the url. If you think about it that way, it makes a lot more sense.

For example, I typed in “my website”, then went back and made it a link by highlighting it and pasting the url.

Yeah, that makes sense I guess.
I know that sometimes my brain is wired in a weird way.
Especially so after midnight :wink:
I still think it would be a good idea that when I type something like http://whatever it suggests the http://whatever as the actual link, since it doesn’t make sense that I would type an URL and then have that URL link to another URL, unless for spoofing reasons of course :wink: One could even expand that to if I type something that starts with www. but of course subdomains might not work so well and then the usual complaining might begin (evil grin)

I think this is a very good idea, thank you for putting the site up.

Maybe the old forum should be linked there, since it already contains many of the questions and answers that may rise (


Add also links to RBU…

And what about xDev ?

At last: REALbasic Monthly

Added it under Official Xojo Links

Added all three under Code Libraries, tutorials, books and magazines

Dirk this is a very good idea and well needed! I enjoyed just reviewing the different Xojo resource links you have. I found about 5 links that I never had tried before. Excellent!

For Xojo Plugins:
Dethomsoft Software (Mac OS X Cocoa only)
Jeremie Leroy
Pariahware, Inc. (Elastic Window)
piDog Software Xojo Bundle (TheBigUndo, ActivityViewer, CalendarControl, AppPrep)
Studio Stable (Studio Stable Database, Studio Stable Graphics)
The ZAZ (ZirconBreadcrumbs, ZirconCropper, ZirconKit Foundation, ZirconSwitch)

For the Web Edition:
Pariahware, Inc. (Elastic Web Page)
Studio Stable (Web Essentials)

For Xojo related Blogs:
BKeeney Briefs
Monkeybread Software Blog

I’ll get to it when I can. Flying out tomorrow and it’s 1:15am, so I best get some sleep.
need to make Norman jealous you know :slight_smile:

Great website Dirk.

For the tutorials section:

  • (at has lots of tutorials on getting started with OpenGL in Xojo.
  • Real 3D Tutorials (at has similar tutorials (and more advanced ones) written for the old Real Studio, where most tutorials should still run in Xojo.

Lots of links available here:

Added the requested sites

Added to the tutorials section

Hi Dirk,

can you place somewhere that links can lead on “no more working" stuff ?

We all know that, but it is good to get a recall, sometimes… ;-:slight_smile:

Thanks Dirk… much appreciated.