New WebLocation class!

Does anyone have an example of how to use it?
There is no reference in the documentation and the XOJO examples.

Seems quite simple. Drag a Device Location controller onto your web page, implement the LocationChanged Event and in the Page.Shown Event Handler call the request method.

This doesn’t seem to return a value for a desktop browser, but worked well on my Android phone - perhaps I need a GPS unit on my pc :slight_smile:

Docs can be found at

Wow !!!

Thanks Wayne.
Precisely, I required it for Android smartphones.

Anyone been able to get this working on iOS?

Please start a new thread for iOS.

Sorry Greg
I meant using the web control running on my server connected to a client on safari running on iOS. I can’t seem to get the location changed event to fire.

Did you call the Start method?

i wrote little bit here

and be sure you care the error event.

Hello James!

Share if you made it.
Did it already work for you?

It works for me on Android and iOS. Leaving the record of the position in the database.

If you need help, find me, to see it step by step.

it should be noted that the app must be using the https protocol for WebLocation to work on iOS.

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