new weblistbox picture

I have a weblistbox with 193 pictures in (looks pretty cool), however, when a user selects one, i want to copy the image to the main form.

how can i access the image in a weblistbox? rowpicture does not exist.

Rethink your approach, don’t live out of a listbox, it’s a bad habit.

Use CellTag to store the folderItem of the picture.

Sorry, but why not? I often keep an array of folderitems or containers or databases without any problems, and 193 is not too large. Personally I would have stored it all in a temporary SQLite database that feeds all the items.

But cellpicture(row,col) does.

CellPicture is write only for a WebListBox at this time.

Ah, yes, forgot that it is write-only.

Dave, have you looked into this ?

If all you want to do is to display a picture you have dragged in the project, simply store the picture in CellTag, and you will be able to do something like this in CellClick

Mainform.ImageView1.Picture = me.celltag(row, column)

Mainform.backdrop = picture(me.celltag(row, column))

to make the compiler happy…

I just realized it is a web project. I changed backdrop to Mainform.WebImageView.Picture