New Video: Integrating Your Xojo App With AI Cloud Services (Jim Meyer)

Today’s video is one of the most talked about XDC sessions we have ever had! Check out Jim Meyer’s session here!

Session Description (XDC 2019):
Several companies now offer "pre-trained” cloud application services based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. These services are designed to extract and process insightful data from text, image, video and audio files. Once only affordable for large institutions you can now use these technologies directly from your Xojo app for minimal cost and in many cases for free. Using the Xojo classic framework you will learn how to easily access many of the ML/AI services offered by both Amazon (AWS) and Google Cloud. A code review along with a live demonstration will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, practical uses and potential abuses of these ever evolving state of the art technologies.

nice !
can we have the links to videos and base classes that are described in this video ?